Newport Banning Ranch, A New Horizon


The Future is Upon Us,

and its a Greener One.

Our Vision is Clear, and Major Open Space is a Big Part of it.

As the need for quality open space in orange county can get cluttered in politics and scarcity of funds, the Newport Banning Ranch will immediately add 287 acres (over 76%) of its land dedicated to open space to be forever protected.

Nature Inspired Open Space.

The scarcity of nature is real and we understand. This is why NBR is working in cooperation with the Newport Banning Land Trust and other environmental conservation groups to encourage the re-establishment of the natural habitats.

Public Parks Anchor the Community.

As a core amenity in good planning, parks are the gateway to bring people together fostering relationships, our plan encorages gathering places.

Our Design Methodology Fosters Connectivity.

Connectivity is critical in creating a sustainable community, and that is our plan. The future of NBR will provide many points of access for the local community and general public access.

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10 Things You Should Know About NBR



To protect the largest remaining undeveloped coastal land mass in Orange County, NBR is providing 76% of the property that will be dedicated to forever protected open space.


The NBR team is committed to cleaning up the oil operations and restoring the property to its natural state with the restoration dollars provided by the developer, not the taxpayer


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Providing a Legacy of Protected Land

for Generations to Enjoy, Forever.


Where Things are Headed?


Take a look at the vision for the  Newport Banning Ranch site, its a much greener one!

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