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Today Banning Ranch is a fenced-off, industrial brownfield of 401 acres scattered with oil derricks and pipelines, decaying asphalt roadways and the leftovers of its industrial past.

Our plan is to clean the property, restore its wildlife habitat and establish permanent funding for the Newport Banning Land Trust to manage and protect more than 300 acres of open space and natural areas.

This effort will be privately funded by us—no taxpayer money will be used.

The project will remove the fence, open the gates and create walking and hiking trails, providing access to the California coastline that has been shut to the public for nearly a century.

The Land Trust will oversee the open space and more than seven miles of hiking trails that connect directly to the Santa Ana River Trail, resulting in a 28-mile hiking and biking trail that stretches from Riverside to the edge of Orange County.

Its voluntary committee of environmentalists, educators and scientists will guide the Land Trust’s restoration and preservation efforts. They will provide educational opportunities for local school children, adults and seniors to learn about nature and rare habitats.

We will use about 70 of the 401-acre property for limited housing, a boutique hotel and hostel, and neighborhood/visitor-serving retail center. The money from this limited development effort will clean the property and establish funding for the Land Trust and its restoration and educational activities.

Our proposal represents the best opportunity to save Banning Ranch and open the coastline to the entire community for generations to come.

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