Please sign the letter of support below to the California Coastal Commission to help get this plan approved. It’s now or never. Without project approval in September, this land will remain an oil field with no public access for generations to come. The letters will be presented to the Coastal Commission for the September hearing. Thank you in advance for helping to support Newport Banning Ranch.

See what others are saying about our plan.

“I know how much it costs to clean up properties impacted by oil drilling operations. This project would enable the clean up to happen now instead of waiting decades longer for public funds or some other financing mechanism.”
Aaron Tofani, Costa Mesa

“As an infill project with nearby available infrastructure, employment centers, public trails and public services, the development of this property furthers the Sustainable Community goals of the region and the State.”
Jon W. Robertson, William Lyon Homes

“This property… is fenced off and not maintained. Why not clean it up and let the community enjoy it? I ask for you to vote for the Banning Ranch Project so we can all enjoy the land and the view!”
Nancy Louie

“I urge you to support the Banning Ranch project.
I support the balanced plan presented, which creates access to a now-closed site and provides more open space, parks and trails that the west side of Newport Beach needs.”
Alice Chen, Anaheim

“As a resident, I look forward to being able to access the site, use the trails and finally have the oil field cleaned-up. It represents a balance, with the project offering over 300 acres to the public while using less than 100 acres for a mixed-use development.”
Tiffany Broderick

“…this program entails ‘real economic solutions’ that will provide the working capital crucial in making positive impact, creating new fertile ground without burdening the taxpayer.”
Bryan Starr, Senior VP Government Affairs, Orange County Business Council

“I hope my kids will be able to hike over to the new open space that will be created and enjoy the views of sunsets over the Pacific. As it stands today, no one is benefitting from the site, which is a shame.”
Paul Julian, Newport Beach

“The project currently being considered provides a path that will achieve all of these objectives for the vast majority of the property and at the same time improve water quality, restore habitat and provide educational opportunities for Californians.”
Steve Rosansky, President & CEO, Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce

“Right now with [plan] approval we walk away knowing that in my lifetime the oil field will be cleaned-up, open spaces restored, trails and beach access created—right now. I urge you to take a step back, look at what the big picture is—a gift, a huge gift to the public.”
Ashley Benshoof

“I strongly support the Banning Ranch project. The development of this property will be a true benefit to the community and create balanced access to new open space and trails, and a new family-focused community to Newport Beach.”
Brett lsaacman

“Our community has been bombarded with misinformation and in some cases outright untruths by a group that has had nearly two decades to purchase the site and have not raised any money. They claim to have funds, but there is no evidence of them.”
Lisa Ruiz

“I urge you to support this plan. It delivers today what will otherwise remain behind lock and key for decades.”
Mike Monaco

“Newport Beach is full of active, outgoing people who would love to see this oil field developed into a popular destination. I say we bring change to this city that many are against, for the overall reason to turn this land into a place people can bring their families and enjoy their time with the community.”
Parker Douglas, Newport Beach

“Students have an opportunity never available before to have hands-on field research through the Newport Banning Land Trust. Already in place is a unique science program with two of the local high schools as part of their curriculum.”
Renee West

“The developer is spending millions so that we can have access to this land. There isn’t another organization, individual or group with the ability to spend the required amount of money to bring this vision to reality.”
Kay Walker

“This plan represents decades of community input, voter approvals and a balanced plan that delivers on all fronts. With 80% of the plan as open space and trails, this will become a community asset for generations.”
Kellie Bieber

“Despite the opposition’s predictable concerns over usage, traffic and environmental impact, this project represents an appropriate balance of land usage, with the project providing 80% for public use while using less than 20% of the acreage for a mixed-use development.”
Tyler Strateman, Newport Beach

“The Land Trust and the Newport Banning Ranch developers have gladly opened their doors to the community. They have come up with a thoughtful and thorough plan to restore the habitat for wildlife on site, they will clean up the oil field and they will allow unparalleled public access to 80% of the site.”
Paul K. Watkins

“I’m in complete support of this community development. Newport Beach and Costa Mesa will greatly benefit. This development is carefully planned with so many beautiful amenities, parks, neighborhoods and open space.”
Mike Gartlan

“The magnitude of the open space and community areas are excellent for such a project. This would be a great improvement upon the current status of the land.”
Mark Himmelstein

“I encourage you to approve this project, as it is a smart development and reuse of a blighted section of land for the environmental and public benefit. In my opinion, this is a ‘no-brainer’ to approve the application for improvement.”
Mark D. Ellis

“I believe the thoughtful development of this property will enhance the area in many ways. The project truly presents the best balance of uses for this property and provides a sustainable program that enhances its surroundings.”
James B. Yates